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Klipfolio Dashboards software for teams who want to continuously monitor the health of their business.

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Imagine you had a way to see all your business metrics in one place – whenever you wanted to see them. You'd be able to check in and monitor the health of your business, spot problem areas, and optimize activities that are doing well.

With this data, you'd start making incremental improvements to all areas of your business. These types of improvements have a habit of adding up. Before you knew it, you'd transform your business.

You can build just about any type of dashboard you want with Klipfolio. Here are some examples of what our customers have built.

Marketing Dashboard

Today's digital marketer is one part creative maverick, one part data nerd, and one part techie. A marketing dashboard is where these skills coalesce to impress the heck out of your team. Seriously, you have the ability to tell the story of your performance using data from virtually every service you use. How cool is that?

Sales Dashboard

Sales teams today rely on data from so many different places that it’s difficult to get a clear view of the things that matter most. From CRMs to Social Media, to call-tracking metrics, having a consolidated view into key performance metrics can allow data-driven teams to analyze every lead, every win, and every opportunity, and adjust accordingly. That’s why having real-time visibility into your key sales metrics is crucial.

Startup Dashboard

Startups live and die by metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), User Retention, and Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC). The right dashboard lets startup founders keep up-to-the-minute on these metrics and stay focused on growing their business.

Reporting Dashboard

As a business analyst, you need to create reports and dashboards from endpoints like Excel, SQL databases, FTP/SFTP, and internal services. This example shows how these services can be combined to create custom dashboards.

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