Mobile BI

Your data anywhere, anytime

You’re mobile, so Yellowfin is too. Explore your data and make great decision whenever and wherever you need to with Yellowfin’s native apps for iPhone and iPad, HTML 5 hybrid app for Android devices and browser-based delivery. Our unique approach to Mobile BI also means that as soon as you publish a report in Yellowfin, it’s immediately available on your mobile device of choice.

Create once, access from any device

Yellowfin Mobile is lighting fast to deploy – there’s simply no need for re-work. All reports or dashboards created via the browser are immediately and securely available on your mobile devices. Your BI content is visually consistent – regardless of where it’s accessed. We get data into the hands of those who need it quickly, saving you time and money.

Be productive — anywhere

With Yellowfin Mobile, your business is at your fingertips. Refresh and analyze all your KPIs anywhere, anytime. Flick through financial charts and graphs. Interact with, filter, sort and analyze your data — all with the touch of your fingers. And, offline mode lets you enjoy uninterrupted access to your data. Even author new reports, via the browser, on your tablet.

Share ideas and collaborate

Discuss, share, collaborate or present your ideas in a meeting right from your tablet. Yellowfin’s mobile apps focus on the needs of decision-makers. Yellowfin helps you share insight and collaborate with your peers.

A beautiful user experience

We believe that your Mobile BI app should be as fun and easy-to-use as browsing your favorite online magazine, or sharing ideas with friends across your social network of choice. Yellowfin Mobile delivers a fantastic user experience, combining outstanding collaborative features with great usability – simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom.

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