3rd Party Logistics

Using 3rd Party Logistics services allows businesses to focus on their main strengths rather than putting extensive effort into managing warehouses and shipping internally.

We create integrations between your 3PL provider’s system and Fishbowl. Our integrations offer standard and advanced functionality.

Standard features include:

  • Send Fishbowl sales orders to 3PL
  • Ship orders in Fishbowl when 3PL ships them
  • Send purchase orders and transfer orders to 3PL

Advanced features include:

  • Receive purchase orders in Fishbowl when 3PL receives them
  • Reconcile inventory and produce inventory adjustment reports
  • Reconcile 3PL shipping documents with what was ordered in Fishbowl
  • Send parts specification documents to 3PL
  • Cancel orders in 3PL.
  • & many more

We can use any digital format to integrate with your 3rd Party Warehouse.

3rd Party Logistics

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