Fishbowl Labels and Barcodes

If it can stick on a box, we can make it! We create Fishbowl Labels and Barcodes of all kinds: Barcode Labels, EDI ASN, Receiving, Shipping, Manufacturing Labels, Part and Product Labels, Customer labels, and whatever other labels you need us to make! We can also integrate Fishbowl with label printing software!

Track and organize inventory with inventory barcode labels. Can a simple label create a gateway into the digital world? Yes, it’s possible. Using a barcode scanner available on most smartphones, people can scan the barcode and connect digitally to your website, online coupons, videos, and other digital media instantly.

Sears Label
VonMaur Label
Tractor Supply Label
Walmart Label
Manufacturing Order Label
 Kimball Label
KMart Label
Cabela Label
Boscov Label
 Bed Bath and Beyond Label
Asurion Label
ASN Amazon Label

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